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Dental Checkups

Your dentist would recommend you getting a checkup based on the scale of how your oral health is – the duration that comes in between these checkups might get varied from as little as three months to as long as two years. Again, this depends on the health of your gums and teeth and surely, the dental health risk that comes with it.

dental check up

Why Would You Need a Check-Up?

A check-up in the dental office is a way to make sure to keep the oral cavity is healthy. At the check-up appointment, your dental team will inform you of your mouth condition and they will prescribe treatments aiming at the best of care for you and your family. You, dentist and hygienist, know there is no good thing in leaving problems to go untreated that would only become difficult to get treated in the future. So, it is in the best interest to deal with your problems as early as possible so you can prevent them.

What Actually Happens in a Check-up?

So, basically, you don’t have to do a lot – just get down in the dentist chair, open your mouth, sit back and enjoy the discussion. Yes, you would discuss with the dental team, they will prescribe you the needed treatments and will explain the reason you need them. The dentist would examine the insides of what’s going on in your oral cavity and ask in general about the way your health is and any problems that come with your teeth, gums, or mouth since the last check-up (obviously, if you had one before).

A good dentist wouldn’t just check your oral cavity for anything – they would also guide you on maintaining a healthy oral cavity – ask them about advice on a plethora of things associated with oral health – the right way of cleaning your teeth, the ways you can prevent your gums from bleeding, best interventions for smokers, and the diet for maintaining a healthy oral cavity or the one that comes with the least possible damage to your teeth. This is part of a dental check too. And again, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to inform that the dental. We will be more than happy to assist you with that.

How Often Should You Go for a Check-up?

After your dental check-up, your dentist might recommend a follow-up plan for your next visit. The timing for your next check-up might be from 3 months to one year. As a general matter of fact, the lower the risk of your dental problems, the more time you have until your next follow-up. So, we can say people having good oral health would only need to visit their dentist every 6 months. On the other side, people having more problems would need more frequent check-ups. Your dental team will inform you of the risk your mouth is for getting near-to-future problems and if that happens, 3-4 months intervals will be recommended if needed. As people and oral conditions vary a lot, the best way is for you to come for a check-up and we will let you know if 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, or 1-year intervals is recommended for you.

About Dental Treatment

The advice is only for routine check-ups. You might have other appointments for teeth-related treatments like teeth cleaning (scaling and polishing), fillings, surgery, or emergency treatment.

So, in a nutshell, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to getting dental check-ups. Your dentist will inform you of what you need and explain the treatments. Everything will be explained in a simple way that is easy to understand. Give us a call and book your check-up today.

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